Burning fat: 5 tips for increased fat burning

Stressful everyday life and permanent time pressure make sure that many people completely neglect their nutrition.

If many people are looking for a holiday and then head towards the sun, the sea and the beach, many people come to think about their own reflection. “How can I burn a lot of fat without starving?”

As a result, many people look for advice on the Internet and read it. But the net is full of diet lies, myths and false promises when it comes to the annoying subject of slimming down. In addition to tips on burning fat, there are also methods to keep the new body weight on a permanent basis.
In the following the 5 best strategies to sustainably increase fat burning.

avoid-stress-and-sleep-well1: Avoid stress and get enough sleep

The more balanced a person is, the better the body’s hormones are in balance with each other.

The absolute basis for an optimal fat burning is to avoid stress and to sleep sufficiently. During sleep, more hormones are released which stimulate fat burning.

Stress blocks fat metabolism

In stressful situations, cortisol is increasingly released and protein degradation is promoted, i. e. muscles are burned.

However, you should do everything in your power not to lose your muscles if the goal is high fat burning.

Cortisol promotes the metabolism of the musculature and converts it into glucose (sugar) so that the body has enough energy in a stressful situation!

Another problem is that cortisol has the property of paralysing our cells. This means that fat cells hardly react to hormone release. Since hormones control the body, cortisol blocks the burning of fat.

healthy-juice2: Sufficient liquid for fat metabolism

Fluid plays a major role in nutrition.On average, the body consists of about 68% water. It should be clear that it is a central key element to be able to transform the body abundantly. Burning more fat with water is only possible if you take care not only to burn more fat but also to drink the right one.

People who are willing to lose weight often change their diet, exercise and do everything they can to burn more fat, but in the evening they treat themselves to cola and soft drinks in front of the TV or drink too little during the day.

This mistake can ruin everything and shut down fat burning completely! However, a small change can make a big difference here.

The perfect amount of water to burn fat

You only need to drink at least 2-3 litres of water every day.

During a diet it should be in the best case 3-4 liters to bring the lipid metabolism on to speed up.

It would be ideal to drink only water, Light products go to a certain degree also, but you should not exaggerate it.

3: Burn more fat with increased metabolism

A point that often receives too little attention: metabolism is the engine for fat burning!

In many people, the metabolic processes in the body are more or less asleep and make sure that fat burning is blocked.

Burning fat without losing muscle is only possible if the metabolism is activated and the energy from the fat cells in the body is used.

Food to activate fat burning

The main cause of a broken metabolism is an insufficient and irregular supply of food. Often the wrong one!

To activate the metabolism you can do the following things:

  • Everyday healthy and wholesome food
  • calculate calorie requirements and eat accordingly
  • Use food with a high vital substance content
  • Regular intensive training (ideal for weight training)
  • Use spicy dishes and food
  • Sufficient sleep

It is important to use natural and best unprocessed foods in order to significantly increase metabolism and fat burning.

Many people make the mistake of starving themselves during a diet. This behavior is deceptive: You think that losing weight will work out, because you keep your calorie deficit.

But what really happens in the body: The organism enters hunger mode and concentrates its small amount of energy on vital organs such as the heart, brain, lungs, etc. The body’s energy level is very low.
This has negative effects on the musculature, which is broken down and on the fat metabolism. Of course, the body wants to lose as little fat as possible in order to be able to drag away for a long time. If you want to save fuel, you don’t have to squeeze the accelerator pedal, but try to save fuel, that’s how the metabolism works.

You have to give the body to give. Anyone who leaves the metabolism out of his or her plans to burn fat will constantly drive his or her weight loss programme with the hand brake applied.

4: Fat burns fat!


The myth that one should do without fat is also anchored in many minds.

But fat does not make fat! If you want to burn energy, you have to give your body enough healthy fats because they are vital.

If you don’t use fat, you will not only suffer from health problems, but you will also lose performance and strength. In men, fats are responsible for the production of testosterone.

Among other things, Omega-3 increases fat burning, strengthens mental and physical fitness and protects against cardiovascular diseases.

The problem is not fat but sugar

The main reasons for hypertension, heart attack, abdominal obesity, lipid metabolism disorders due to low HDL cholesterol and increased glucose concentration in the blood or insulin resistance, which is a major cause of manifest type 2 diabetes mellitus (so-called age-related diabetes), are carbohydrates with a high glycemic index!

The alternative is a low carb diet.

To put it simply: you should forget everything you have heard about fat related to these diseases, because most of the time the simple sugars in our diet are the main cause of these diseases.

Sugar has a high fructose content, which confuses our digestion and therefore increases quickly. The liver metabolises fructose and converts it into fat, which is then released into the blood in the form of large lipoproteins (VDLD particles).

This results in increased triglyceride and cholesterol levels, which in turn clog up the blood vessels and make them sick.

low-cab-foodIncrease fat metabolism with healthy fats

Since our organism absolutely needs fat to survive, it reduces the burning of fat as soon as no food is supplied from outside!

In America, this has been clearly visible in recent decades.

Fat was demonized, banished from the kitchens, and people there use numerous substitutes for frying. Butter was replaced by margarine, which is supposedly healthy because it is based on vegetable oils (margarine contains trans fats and belongs to the hardened fats = harmful!).

The result was that the people in America fed themselves rich in carbohydrates and low in fat and the whole people became thicker and thicker on average!

5: burning fat with strength training

Many people are very persistent in their belief that endurance training is the most effective way to activate fat burning.

But what is the best training to burn a lot of fat?

First of all, it should be said that some studies have now made it clear that short and intensive training sessions stimulate the lipid metabolism most strongly.

Growth hormones burn fat

The reason for this is the hormones released during training: The growth hormone HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is regarded as the “fountain-of-young hormone” and promotes fat burning immensely.

When training is particularly intensive, many more growth hormones are released than during endurance training sessions.


So if you want to burn fat, the best way to burn it is a combination of stimulated metabolism, plant based, protein-rich and low-sugar nutrition, as well as sufficient fluid without carbohydrates, in combination with a balanced and stress-free life.

I hope you enjoyed the 5 tips for increased fat burning. If you have any further questions or tips on how to burn more fat, feel free to write me a comment below this article.